Pump Support Vise
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The PUMP SUPPORT VISE is an open front vise with a special base plate so that the vise can be affixed to the PETOL Pump Support.

Note: Vise Plate must be ordered separately and does not include bolts and nuts.

Pump Support Vise
ZR2422-15-21 Pump Support Vise - #21 - 1/8' - 2' 8 lbs.
ZR2422-15-22 Pump Support Vise - #22 - 1/8' - 2-1/2' 12-1/8 lbs.
ZR2422-15-121 Pump Support Vise Plate for #21 3-1/2 lbs.
ZR2422-15-122 Pump Support Vise Plate for #22 3-3/4 lbs.

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