PETOL™ Sliding Socket Plate
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PETOL™ SLIDING SOCKET PLATES are used with all PETOL Pump Shop Benches. They enable the worker to place PETOL Platerenches up and down the pump, adding stability and ease in making up or breaking out particular pump sections. The PETOL Sliding Socket Plate is available with either 1-1/4' or 1-1/2' sockets.


PETOL™ Sliding Socket Plate
ZNP6060-20C 1-1/4' Holes - Center ONLY 6-1/4 lbs.
ZNP6060-20RCL (shown) 1-1/4' Holes - Right - Center - Left 9-1/8 lbs.
ZNP60602024RCL 1-1/4' & 1-1/2' Holes - Right - Center - Left 13-1/4 lbs.
ZNP6060-24RCL 1-1/2' Holes - Right - Center - Left 9-5/8 lbs.

Protect yourself and others from SERIOUS INJURY! Never use a “cheater” or other means to extend handle! If wrench slips you can be hurt or injure other workers!

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